Coach Brazill’s early lacrosse days

Wow, that was one incredible Super Bowl last night! The only thing missing was [insert favorite NHL team here]. Yeah, sorry about that–next year for sure. But if you wanted to watch an action-packed game with some great football, and of course, the legendary comeback, you were watching the right game.

Favorite commercial? At our party, Smaht Pahk — the Hyundai commercial starring Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski and Chris Evans — was such a hit we watched it at least 3 times pre-game.

But back to lacrosse…

In honor of one of the greatest guys we know, HGR’s founder and owner Bryan Brazill, we’re taking the opportunity to re-post this interview from 2013. I wonder how he would answer these questions today. And hey, doesn’t he have a another birthday coming up? Maybe time for a new interview? Check Back!

An Interview with Coach Bryan Brazill 2/19/13

When did you start playing lacrosse?

3rd grade

What’s your favorite lacrosse memory?

Going to the Eli Jamboree in 5th grade. It was a big youth tournament at Yale University and it was the first time I saw and started to understand the community and culture of lacrosse. My Dad and Grandfather took me and they seemed to think I was pretty good, which I was proud of.

What are some other sports you play/enjoy?

I love to surf and snowboard. For team sports I was always into basketball and still love playing pick up hoops.

How does your wife, Danielle, feel about lacrosse?

She says she’s grown to love it. I think she’s grown to really like it– love is a strong word. She grew up in Winthrop, MA, a super small town just outside of Boston and they didn’t have lacrosse. The first game she saw was at Merrimack, and now she is married to a lacrosse-obsessed husband.

You recently have become a father to your little boy Owen. How is the transition into fatherhood going for you?

It’s amazing. I have never been happier.

When do you plan to get Owen started with lacrosse?

Whenever he is ready. I don’t want to force it on him but we will probably start having catches and playing around in the backyard as soon as he shows interest. I hope to keep it just another sport for him until he decides he loves it. If he never does then I will support whatever his passion is.

What has been the most rewarding experience so far in you lacrosse career?

They are countless. As a player lacrosse taught me confidence, gave me a sense of belonging to a community, taught me accountability, kept me fit and out of trouble (for the most part.) As a coach, teaching those things to players seems even more rewarding than learning them myself.

Who’s your favorite player?

Probably Mark Millon

What’s your lucky number?


What’s your weapon of choice (favorite stick)?

I really like the STX Surgeon right now. I have always loved the Gait Torque but it’s just becoming too hard to find.

We see Maggie frequent the HGR facility- is she a sponsored lacrosse doggie?

She is our unofficial mascot. People come in the facility looking for her and get upset when she isn’t around.

Last, but not least, what’s your favorite kind of birthday cake?

Funfetti with vanilla icing or my mom’s home made coconut cake–it’s outrageous.