Lacrosse is Growing

The great sport of Lacrosse is growing in all sorts of ways. For the first time in the US, participation on organized lacrosse teams on all levels has topped 800,000, with over 300,000 of these being high school players, and almost 450,000 are on youth lacrosse teams. College lacrosse is also flourishing, expanding participation by more than 1/3 in just 5 years.*

Not ready to garage sale your gear once college is over? You’re not out of luck. If coaching and mentoring aren’t your thing, there are post-collegiate clubs for both men and women all over the country, in fact more than 100 organized teams for women, including at least three in Massachusetts.

Girls can reach for the stars!

And as of this year, there is an exciting new goal for female lacrosse players to aspire to — the formation of first professional women’s lacrosse league. The United Women’s Lacrosse League (UWLX) is starting off with four East Coast teams — the Philadelphia Force, the Long Island Sound, the Baltimore Ride and the Boston Storm. All four UWLX teams played at the league’s inaugural double-header on May 28th in Baltimore, and all four impressively showed their stuff, providing their first fans with some nail-biting finishes. Read all about the games HERE.
HGR congratulates everyone involved in bringing women to professional lacrosse. We join lacrosse fans across the country in wishing the UWLX early and lasting success, longevity and growth.

We’ll see you on the fields!

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*For more statistics on U.S. lacrosse participation, CLICK HERE.