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What is LAX IQ and How to Strengthen It

2018-05-17T14:18:50-04:00May 3rd, 2012|Categories: Instruction|

You’ve heard the term “Lax IQ” a lot and you probably have a general feel for what that means. Yet very few players—even at the college level— really do understand. When I’m coaching at Merrimack, I see kids who are just unbelievable lacrosse players. But when we start talking about the why’s and when’s of what [...]

Top 10 Hottest Pieces of Lacrosse Equipment

2017-02-11T15:36:50-05:00April 18th, 2012|Categories: Top Ten|

You a gear hound? Coaches Bryan Brazill and Peter Smyth sat down recently to share their TOP 10 list of "Must Have" lacrosse equipment to help you sift and sort through all the hype. #1  CPX-R  Helmet :  Yeah, we know the Pro7 is cool, but the one we like way better is the CPX-R. It's [...]

Where’s the Pete?!

2018-03-22T12:03:50-04:00September 13th, 2011|Categories: Around the Office|

We recently got some pretty big love from insidelacrosse.com and their gear zone. Great article with one glaring exception, no mention of Peter Smyth. That’s like an article about the Beatles and not mentioning John Lennon. Pete is the head coach at Austin Preparatory School in Reading, MA where he still holds the all time scoring [...]

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