breaking newsIt’s been an exciting time at HGR with some major staffing changes and updates.

Staff Updates

Rob Bellis: HGR is saying farewell to Rob after 13 years with the company. Rob recently accepted a new role as the director of the recreation department in his hometown, which will set him up well for the future. Coach Bryan said, “It goes without saying that he will be deeply missed—he helped build HGR too—he’s been a good friend and a good employee. But now he can be close to home and walk to work. Quality of life is a big deal, so I’m really happy for him!”

To fill the roles left by Rob’s departure, HGR has welcomed two new team members:

Ryan Twomey:  An experienced social media director with a background in lacrosse, Ryan has an absolute talent for social media. He was the Providence Men’s Basketball social media director. Coach Bryan said, “I believe he was the only paid student in the athletics department. And that’s one of their premier sports. Ryan also has a lacrosse background, so I could easily see him moving into some coaching.” He has already made a great first impression with his dry sense of humor, skills, and work ethic.

Katie Langford: The mother of one of HGR’s players, Katie is taking over the large portion of the administrative hole left by Rob. She’ll be handling emails and helping the elite team customers. Coach Bryan said, “When someone calls, they’re going to get the happiest, bubbliest person I’ve met in a while.”

New Facility Update

Amidst the staffing transition, HGR is also preparing for an exciting facility move. We broke ground on our new building yesterday and anticipate an October 1st opening date for the new, larger space.

Coach Bryan shared t there is newfound energy and optimism at HGR. Exciting times ahead! “They say that change is the only constant in life. And for us, it’s bringing new opportunities and exciting possibilities.”