All of us at HGR are really excited to be putting together our 2016 Summer Elite teams. Tomorrow’s the big day; 2023 players will be vying for a coveted spot on our youth elite team. Season after season, HGR Elite Teams have dominated on the field. In fact, last fall our Elite boys placed FIRST in the Primetime Fall Classic tournament, winning 5-0. This summer we plan to continue that tradition by building our finest and best-coached teams. Are you ready?

Preparing for tryouts is the same as preparing for competition. You need to be at your peak strength, speed and agility. Warming up your muscles through dynamic exercises improves your athletic performance in many ways:

  1. Improves the blood flow to your muscles, essentially getting them pumped up for upcoming vigorous activity.
  2. Readies your muscles and joints for movements requiring coordination and agility.
  3. Helps prevent injuries that might otherwise result from the strain that intense exercise invariably puts on joints, muscles, bones and ligaments.
  4. Gradually increases circulation and heart rate so you are prepared for intense activity.
  5. Warms up your lungs, improving the efficiency of oxygen delivery throughout your body and keeping you from becoming winded during tryout activities.

Here are some of the dynamic exercises shared by

Good luck to you all!