PLAYER: Probably just because of the team dynamic, you’re not going to get a team from any other club. You’re going to get to showcase players that want to play for themselves to get recruited. I feel like with HGR, we play as a unit.

PARENT: They support each other whether they’re playing together during club season, whether they’re playing against each other on the high school or the town fields. They build those friendships and those relationships

PARENT: For us, this program has been really beneficial for my daughter and just seeing the growth that she’s had and also the big smile on her face every time she comes to practice and at a tournament or a game. So I definitely have nothing but good things to say.

COACH: I think accountability and taking ownership is one of the things that we talk about with the high school kids a lot is that they are in charge of their journey here and that we’re not going to do things for them. Not that we don’t want to deal with parents, but we want the young men to take ownership over their journey here. That is something that’s going to help them well beyond the lacrosse field as they get into college and then into the professional world–just taking accountability and ownership over their own actions

PARENT: One of the things I like best about the HGR program is the full-person development that happens.  So it’s beyond what just happens on the field. They talk to these players about coachability. They talk to them about grades. They talk to them about how to be good men. And they talk to them about how to interact with one another and their families.

PARENT: It’s also beyond what happens on the field has been the immeasurable benefit to being part of this program. These kids grow together and they hold each other accountable and their coaches hold them accountable. It’s awesome!

PARENT: Communication is great amongst coaches and kids and parents and it’s really family-oriented. It’s like a family with all the coaches. They all get to know your son or your daughter.

PLAYER: I think that the love and support created in the team environments make it such a good and unique type of family. And somewhere where you feel super comfortable going to anyone and just being your own true self. They want everyone to grow as a player as a whole so they can contribute to the team as a whole.