The NCAA has enacted new rules prohibiting contact from Division 1 college lacrosse recruiters to

courtesy of Angela Palmer

Exciting action on the field.

September 1st of prospective player’s Junior year at high school. This includes on-campus clinics and camps taking place before the September 1st date.

[su_quote cite=”Liam Kelly” url=””]In the current state of lacrosse recruiting, student-athletes are verbally committing to play lacrosse in college as early as eighth grade. This atmosphere puts extra pressure on students and parents alike to join club teams and to attend as many tournaments, camps, and showcases as they possibly can. This extra pressure can also often lead to students turning to performance enhancing drugs in order to keep up with their peers, or even leaving the sport after becoming discouraged with the lack of college interest. With the barring of contact until Junior year, PSAs have more time to develop physically and emotionally in order to make an informed decision about where to attend college. [/su_quote]

How will this affect players who have already been recruited prior to their Junior year? Have a look at for answers to this and other questions about this new recruitment legislation.

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