It’s College Lacrosse Season!

I’m sure you all know that regular season High School and College Lacrosse season is underway. Finally, (it seems) the weather is getting better and the temperatures are inching up there, making for the perfect playing situation, as well as the perfect spectator situation!

Along with your local school’s lacrosse games, you’ll really enjoy live college lacrosse. The 2017 D2 Men’s College Lacrosse season was absolutely spectacular for our HGR Coaches and former standout players. HGR’s Head Honcho Bryan Brazill, Director of Player Development Bryan Pollack, and Coaches Mike Morgan and Kyle Smith led the Merrimack Warriors to the NCAA Finals, where they were nudged from the championships by just two goals. 2018 will be their year!

To see how next-level lacrosse is played, check out the schedules for upcoming games:

Merrimack Men’s 2018 Lacrosse Schedule:

Merrimack Women’s 2018 Lacrosse Schedule:

Here’s how to get to  the Merrimack Athleticx Complex: