Charlie Higgins Played on the USA Select Team!

Charlie Higgins

It is truly remarkable how many outstanding lacrosse players got their start with HGR. Our latest superstar is our talented 2022 Blue Team player (drum roll please…)

Charlie Higgins! Charlie achieved the amazing honor of being chosen for the USA Select Lacrosse team! Last weekend, he and his U-15 teammates from across the country went to Sparks, Maryland to compete in the Brogden Cup Tournament, where they shut out the opposing team from Ontario, Canada.

Here is how US Lacrosse describes its development team program:

The goal of the NTDP  [National Team Development Program] is to provide high-level training for the nation’s top young players that will ultimately expand the talent pool for the U.S. national teams that participate in the Federation of International Lacrosse competitions.

Clearly, they NTDP talent pool has been increased!

I interviewed Charlie so you can learn all about this champion and his experience in his own words:

First of all, can you tell me your school, age and what grade you’re in?

  • I’m a sophomore at Andover high school and I’m 15.

How did you get started playing lacrosse?  How old were you when you started?

  • I started playing in 4th grade. I picked up a stick and started to play because it seemed like a lot of fun and a bunch of my friends were playing.

How has it been playing for HGR?

  • Playing for HGR has given me the opportunity to get top level coaching as well as getting a good platform to take my game and get better.

What position(s) do you play on the HGR Elite teams?

  • I play close defense but I made the u15 team as an LSM.

What do you think is your strongest lacrosse skill?

  • My strongest lacrosse skill is my work ethic.

What did you have to do to be selected for the USA team? Can you describe the process?

  • There was a three part process to be selected to the USA team. First you had to tryout at one of 13 regional tryouts across the country. You then had to be invited back for the National Development Combine, which was a 3 day tryout/combine at the US Lacrosse headquarters in Sparks, Maryland. You then had to be selected out of the 90 kids who were invited to the combine to the 22 man roster that represented USA.

You must have been blown away when you heard you got on the team! How did you find out?

  • My parents printed out the email and handed it to me. I was shocked, I had not expected it at all.

Did you and the other players have practices together before the game? Did you receive coaching from lacrosse pros?

  • Our team had one practice right before our first game on Saturday. Our head coaches were USA and PLL players John Galloway and Joel White. I had the opportunity to get one on one coaching from them throughout the weekend while we played our games.

Now that the Boys U-15 Select Team swept Ontario, claiming the Brogden Cup last weekend in Maryland, what’s in your future as a lacrosse player?

  • I hope to keep on working hard and improving my game every time I play. My goal is to one day further my lacrosse career and play in college.

Do you have any advice for younger kids who want to advance in lacrosse?

  • The work you put in when no one is watching is the most important part of becoming a better player in the future.

That’s great advice, Charlie. Truly, your work ethic has paid off and has made many of your fans very proud!

Charlie Higgins with young fans

Charlie Higgins with his young fans

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