High School class of 2021 Blue team AND 2022 Blue swept the competition under the turf!

It’s too bad if you missed the Capital Clash tournament at the University of Albany Sunday. Our 2021 and 2022 guys had an undefeated day and we couldn’t be prouder.

Fall Elite season ends this month — already?– and our Youth Boys have wrapped it up for the season. Fortunately, we have two more tournaments in the remaining line-up:

High School Boys – Colonial Clash (Formerly Bulldog Fall Brawl) in Lancaster, MA this Sunday, November 16th. For a list of college coaches checking out the HGR guys, head over to https://primetimelacrosse.com/college-coaches-primetime-lacrosse-events/

High School Girls – SWAG New England Showcase – Sunday, November 17th Longmeadow, Massachusetts. This tournament is a “recruiting showcase,” with dozens of college coaches in attendance, witnessing our amazing high school players in action. Check out https://lpswag.com/college-coaches-attendance/ to see the current list.

Remember, families and friends are encouraged to attend! Let’s give our high-schoolers a flood of support for their final tournaments!