Kelsey Brazill’s interview with Greg Melaugh, who was recently on the cover of New England Lacrosse Journal

One of our Alumni on cover of New England Journal Lacrosse

How is it being on the cover of the New England Lacrosse Journal?

When I first heard about it I was pretty excited; it’s the first time I’ve ever been on the cover of anything. I guess it’s just really exciting.

Has that coverage done anything for your team?

It’s obviously good for our school because it helps with recruiting and stuff, and it helps get our school name out there.

What are your hopes for this season at Merrimack both personally and for your whole team?

I think as a team we obviously want to go all the way and win a national championship. And personally anything I can do to help my team win that will be my goal.

What do you think your chances at a national championship are?

I think they’re pretty good; we have a very good chance. Especially with the new way the playoffs work (8 teams make the NCAA playoffs this year, previously it had only been 4). We have a better chance of making it. And we have a really good team with a lot of guys returning.

How do you like playing for Coach Brazill, having him as your offensive coach?

I love playing for Bryan, he’s an awesome coach. He’s laid back, lets us play our game, and coaches us when we need it.

Do you have any advice for kids hoping to become part of HGR?

For anyone who wants to play for HGR, I would just say work hard every day. If you work hard, the coaches will give you their attention. They always give you their best, so if you’re willing to give them your best then you’re going to succeed.

How did playing for the Raptors prepare you for playing at the collegiate level?

Playing with the Raptors was a great help because we always had great coaches. I mean if you ever need anything they were there to help you out. Now that Home Grown is working with them, it’s just going to be even better–with more coaches and better facilities and everything.

What is your favorite movie?

The Hangover.

What is your weapon of choice?

Favorite stick would be the Evo 3 (Evolution 3).

What is your favorite dodge move?

Definitely the triple jabs (a three step crossover).

What are some things outside of Lacrosse that you like to do in your free time?

I like to mountain bike and ski.