artificial turf field rental

New turf!

The new place is all set and rocking with our new format! We have a lot of new things we will be offering here, so be sure to swing by and check out our new place. Leagues, Home Grown Academy Teams, Field Rental Availability and instructional clinics are just some of the newer services we will be offering at our new home. All new programs and services can be found on our current website under “Programs”.

We will still be offering our stick-stringing services still as the Doctor is IN! Nobody strings your stick up better anywhere than here at Home Grown Lacrosse. Get a pocket strung for you based on the way you play, it is different for everyone so why not have your stick strung to your style and specifications? The Stick Doctor can also evaluate your play and get you the perfect pocket. $30 for complete stringing with mesh, sidewall and shooters included. $20 for a complete stringing if you bring your own materials!

Since our schedule is ever-changing, please give us a call at the office to check our availability and hours!