The Roving Reporter sat down with Coach Bryan Brazill recently to get the scoop on the new HGR Lacrosse location.

Q: There have been lots of improvements and expansion at HGR in the last few years! What precipitated the latest change– adding The Edge Sports Center as the second location?

Along with developing players with top-notch skills, our primary concern has always been for our players’ safety. After Tewksbury shut down from pipes freezing and a partial dome collapse this past winter, and after a growing problem with occasional conflicts with games being double-booked or not going off as scheduled,we decided it was time to start looking for a new place. So the move was precipitated by a concern for safety and reliability.

Q: Why the Bedford Edge Sports Center?

There are so many benefits to this move. The Bedford Edge Sports Center is a phenomenal facility and it’s only 10 minutes door to door from Tewksbury. Not only is it conveniently located, it’s in great shape. I could go on and on.

Q: Please do!

Okay how about all these reasons:

  • Bigger field with brand new field turf. There is no astro turf so don’t need 2 pair of shoes anymore.
  • The field is almost 40% bigger so we can accommodate 6 teams playing instead of 4.
  • It’s warmer!
  • There’s better lighting to see ball.
  • It’s safer for spectators.
  • We’ll get new teams in the league to make us even more competitive. Oh yeah, I already mentioned that. But it’s worth mentioning again.
  • The facilities are gorgeous—it has great bathrooms, a great lobby, and ample parking.
  • AND we’re keeping the same staff, so everyone they know.  Supervisors, refs, EMTs

Oh, and we’re not changing price–the cost will stay the same.

Q: I’m sold!

We hope all our parents and players will be too! We couldn’t be more excited.


 Our Newest Location
The Edge Sports Center
191 Hartwell Rd
Bedford, MA

The Edge Sports Center


And of course our home base at

HGR Indoor Sports
400 Osgood St North Andover, MA
Now with new LED lights 30% brighter!

 HGR Indoor Sports