HGR Lacrosse New Building renderingWe sat down recently for a quick chat with Coach Bryan Brazill to talk about the exciting news of a new HGR building.

Roving Reporter: Why a new building?

Coach Brazill: We’ve just outgrown our current building, parking lot, lobby space, all of it. 

Roving Reporter: What will the new building offer?

 Coach Brazill: It will have a significantly bigger field, 80 yards long by 50 yards wide, which is double our current space. It will have Mezzanine seating, state-of-the-art artificial turf, a beautiful lobby, and 45 ft high ceilings. There will be 45 parking spots and much more!

Roving Reporter: How will it be better than the current building?

Coach Brazill: We’ve planned meticulously so that the new building will be better In every conceivable way. 

Roving Reporter: When will you be breaking ground?

Coach Brazill:  We’re scheduled to break ground in December. We will be open for business in mid-August 2024. Less than one year away!