Stickwork with a smile!

Here it is, June 2021, and our summer tournament schedule is proceeding as planned! Maybe you’d prefer not to be reminded, but as you breathe a sigh of relief, remember that last year our Elite tournaments were canceled, rescheduled, delayed, relocated, and packed into just a few consecutive summer weekends. Boys tournaments were delayed until late July, and Girls season didn’t start until August. On top of that, accommodations were juggled and summer plans were disrupted when almost all tournaments were relocated to New Hampshire. Through all of this, our staff of superheroes steadfastly–and with their usual calm optimism– made it all work, resulting in a fully successful season for both boys and girls elite lacrosse teams. Still, glad that’s over!

This is the weekend!

Tomorrow it all starts again almost like the good old days. Here’s where our guys will be:

High School Blue

FLG Big X Classic / Greenvale, Long Island, NY

High School Green

NXT Meltdown / Conshohocken, Downingtown, Aston PA

…and here’s where to watch our girls Elite tomorrow and Sunday:

High School Girls 

IWLCA NE Cup / Amherst MA:

Youth Girls

Capital City Classic / Albany, New York


Check out our 2021 summer elite schedules at and