March 15, 2016
MBYLL Press Announcement


mbyllMASS BAY YOUTH LACROSSE LEAGUE Announces Endorsement of HGR Lacrosse

MBYLL wishes to endorse HGR Lacrosse as a lacrosse organization who shares in the MBYLL philosophies and champions its ideals. In an effort to grow the sport of lacrosse in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through the promotion and support of community-based lacrosse (i.e. town programs), MBYLL is looking to identify and align with organizations who equally promote the importance of community-based lacrosse and who refrain from conducting their lacrosse offerings in the spring, which would conflict with town lacrosse leagues and deprive youth athletes the freedom and flexibility to play the sport with their town peers and friends.

HGR Lacrosse is an organization we are proud to align ourselves with.

HGR Lacrosse is based out of North Andover, MA and has players from all over New England participating in fall and winter indoor lacrosse leagues as well as summer tournaments, camps, and clinics designed to promote both educational training and enjoyment. HGR Lacrosse has been a pioneer amongst other fall / winter leagues and summer club teams in declaring their support for MBYLL and its commitment to town lacrosse.

Its passionate and talented leaders have participated in league activities including the New England Lacrosse Convention and the league’s electronic publication The Scoop. In addition, a number of HGR coaches serve as certified MBYLL coaches in a number of MBYLL’s town programs.

MBYLL recognizes their support and endorsement of the work we are trying to accomplish in every community in Massachusetts. In turn, we strongly encourage all towns and individual players to consider HGR Lacrosse as an ideal fit for fall / winter indoor lacrosse leagues as well as a team to consider for summer tournaments and other non-spring opportunities.