Kudos to our U-13s and U-15s for a winning performance at this year’s Scarecrow Festival in Taunton MA. Both teams finished 2-1 on a beautiful, if brisk, day. Good work, guys!

Enjoy some photos of our U-13s at the festival.

U-13s warming up at Scarecrow

HGR Lacrosse U13s warm up for the Fifth Annual Scarecrow Festival.


HGR U-13s ready to play at Scarecrow

U13s all geared-up and ready for action.


HGR U-13s geared-up at Scarecrow

Minutes later, they will hit the ground running!


U-13s on the field at Scarecrow

The U13s take the field, on their way to a 2- 1 finish against strong competition at the Scarecrow Festival.