Our 2015 Boys Elite team met in Albany for their final games in HGR uniforms at the Capital Clash tournament on November 16. Along with players from 2018, 2017 and 2016, HGR had a spectacular day, despite the chill and overcast skies.

Here they are: the illustrious Class of 2015 HGR Elite boys!

2015 HGR Elite team members

Our 2015 Elite players huddle around coaches Pollack and Brazill at their last game in HGR uniforms.


HGR at Capital Clash

Four of our HGR Elite teams ready to play in the 2014 Capital Clash tournament.


HGT kids on a golf cart

Our kids pig-pile on a golf cart, supplied by two HGR parents, and cruise the tournament scene in style.


Coach Brazill and players

HGR Elite players huddle around Coach Brazill at the Capital Clash tournament.