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According to, there are 290,000 high school lacrosse players in the US and only 36,000 college lacrosse players (including non-varsity players participating at the collegiate club level). That means only 12% of high school lacrosse players will get to play college lacrosse at any level. Take just one tournament like the U-Mass Mid-Summer Classic where there are over 2,500 players doing their best to get noticed and extend their careers to the collegiate level, and you start to understand just how competitive college lacrosse team rosters get.

If you want to add scholarship money into the mix, it gets even more competitive. Syracuse, Virginia, Duke, Hopkins are all fully funded programs. They are the elite of the elite and even they are allotted a maximum of 12.6 scholarships by the NCAA. That’s not 12.6 scholarships per year; that’s 12.6 scholarships for rosters that average between 40 and 60 players. DII gets a maximum of 10.8 athletic scholarships per roster and DIII doesn’t have athletic scholarships. The reality is, scholarship money is tight.

Check out our 2016 HGR Girls commits and who they are playing for.


HGR Girls



Alex Comeau SNHU
Steph Barr SNHU
Tina Natola SNHU
Ashley Warren Roger Williams
Katie Welch Ithaca
Jen Buckley Framingham State

Fortunately, HGR lacrosse players are in-demand — every year a large majority of HGR’s seniors go on to play college lacrosse, and receive scholarship money to do so. It takes diligence and planning to make college lacrosse happen, and we are here to help navigate High School Elite players through this process.

As an HGR Elite player, you’ll have the benefit of a coaching staff with extensive knowledge of the college recruitment process. We offer in-person recruiting meetings with parents, a program information night, and the technology to create outstanding highlight tapes.

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This guide takes you through our comprehensive step-by-step approach to the entire college recruitment process, including:

  • Year-by-year planning – the importance of grades, attitude, self-marketing
  • Knowing what recruiters look for – how to get noticed
  • How to prepare a winning highlight tape
  • Important considerations on choosing a college – understanding your priorities
  • If, when and how to contact college coaches
  • Scholarships – going after a limited pool of scholarship funds

With determination and dedication, every player in this program will have the opportunity to play college lacrosse. HGR is committed to keeping you on the right path every step of the way.