How about binge watching HGR Indoor League players shoot and score? A new feature on HGR’s YouTube channel captures our Goal of the Week. We now have 6 weeks worth of quick videos showing how even the best goalies can get thwarted by a sneaky shot. Both boys and girls are featured in this collection.

While you’re there, there is a lot more to check out. You’ll love Trick Shot Thursdays and Punishment Wednesdays. You will be more than impressed at the amazing competitive shooting from our coaches, and even more entertained by the punishments dispensed to the unfortunate losers! There’s a touch of good-natured sadism, but the punishments are always accepted humbly and hilariously.

For more binging, click through our playlists:

Besides the entertainment value, we’re hoping these videos give you tips and strategies for tuning up your lacrosse skills. Check out the whole list at