What sets HGR apart?

Here’s what Parents, Players and Coaches have to say.

Players, parents and recruiters share their accolades for HGR’s Boys Elite Program:

My kids have been involved in numerous town and club sports teams across a variety of sports. We joined HGR after switching from another club that was not nearly as well organized. My son’s HGR coach is by far the best we have had in any sport, and does an amazing job balancing skill development, team concepts, work ethic, and positive reinforcement.

—2026 Elite team Player

The people I play with are so nice and are always cheering each player on. The coaches are super supportive and are really good at teaching skills that I need to help me grow into a better player and teammate!

— Anonymous 2026 Player

[HGR All-Stars Showcase] was a great event. I got to see some of the best talent in the north shore of Massachusetts in 3 short hours. It is also conveniently scheduled at a time where there are no other recruiting events taking place. The facility and talent were fantastic.

—Mike Morgan, Head Coach of Merrimack Men’s Lacrosse

I left the games with a list of kids that I am very interested in recruiting. It was nice to attend an event that wasn’t watered down.

—Paul Calkins, Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Southern New Hampshire University

The coaching is great! The players are coached by coaches who have played lacrosse at every level and understand what it is to develop a player to get that player to the next level of their game. And, they are accessible to both the player and their parents with any and all questions.

—2022 Boys Elite Player

My son started club lacrosse with another established program that used players’ dad’s for coaches which led to constant stressful situations and ultimately ended with him being told he wasn’t good enough to continue on the same team that he had been successful with the entire season. We were referred to HGR in the Fall of 2015 by a well respected local lacrosse coach and the difference was noticeable from the first tryout session. It was clear that the Coaches were coaching at a high level and were purely focused on player development and not the coach’s win/loss records or showcasing individual players. The difference in the level of instruction and attention to detail is beyond anything we’ve seen from most other programs. Beyond all of the X’s and O’s of lacrosse, are the friends and deep personal relationships my son has developed with these coaches and fellow players, as well as the extended families that have now become friends forever as we transition into the next phase of our son’s playing careers. The developmental model that HGR has maintained for years has allowed for not only the continued growth and improvement of the individual player but also the development of the team that competes hard each year to stay together and maintain the chemistry they have developed over the years. Additionally allowing the players the freedom to play lacrosse for their HS or town teams in the Spring or not mandating a year-round commitment without fear of conflict or backlash builds in that layer of pride of playing club, helps eliminate burn-out and gives them a chance to fully experience being a well-rounded kid.

—2021 Boys Elite Parent

HGR has given our son personalized training that has helped him develop his skills. They have also given him constructive advise on how to be a better player both on and off the team. The coaches really care about each individual players development. The feedback and encouragement from the coaches has made a positive impact on his abilities, confidence, and love of the game. Additionally, we have all met and made lasting friendships.

—2024 Boys Elite Parent

HGR is a great organization on both the boys and girls sides. Great coaches with knowledge of what it takes to get to the next level. They were a big part in both my kids being recruited to play in college. Couldn’t be happier with HGR for our club lacrosse.

—Kevin Dunham, Boys and Girls Elite Parent

A well run club that offers a great experience as a parent and for the players. HGR is dedicated to helping their athletes achieve their goals and compete at a high level. My son put in the work, but with great coaching, tournament exposure and vested interest in his success, the HGR team was instrumental in helping my son get recruited to play D2 college lacrosse.

—2021 Boys Elite Parent

I just wanted to tell you a comment that Jack made yesterday. He said “just when I think my coaches can’t get any better, we get new ones who are awesome”. Jack had such a great experience with Coach Pynchon and Coach Seamus was a favorite of all the kids.

Thanks for working hard to give these kids the very best coaches around :)

I know I’ve said it a million times but I can’t thank you enough. We will truly miss everything about HGR (even the payments 😂😂😂), I would have paid triple to watch his growth, his confidence and really just keeping kids structured with a goal in mind (keeping them out of trouble). The money invested certainly paid off for him with his college commitment too!

—Janell Hutchings-Regan, Boys Elite Parent

Thanks for all your support and all the HGR coaches along the way these past few years – can’t tell you how appreciative we are for all the great coaching that Joe has benefited from. HGR Lacrosse has been one of the best decisions we ever made – culminating with a terrific offer and a verbal commitment to Merrimack College! Joe is honored and super-excited and looking forward to continuing with the private lessons – we’ve signed up for (3) so far with Bryan Pollock.

—Marty, Boys Elite Parent

Grant Chesky just ripped his first collegiate goal! Great shot and Michael assisted! Watching my son play college lax for the first tine is awesome. I remember the first HGR meeting I went to and Michel was 14 or 15 years old, and u said that HGR would propel him to play college lax at a high level and I said to myself “yeah ok Bryan”. 4 years later he’s playing for a team that beat Le Moyne last year! I can’t believe it, and I am so appreciative of HGR for the opportunity u have given him!!!!

–Mike Germano, Boys Elite Parent

My son has played with HGR for 2 years now and will be finishing up his time with HGR this fall. I can’t say enough about his experience. Top notch coaching, great kids and parents. Bryan Brazill is fantastic and so supportive of my son’s goals and has given him such great advice and help.

—Heather Cinnamon Frye, Boys Elite Parent

This is where it all began for Tim!! Having a foundation of Homegrown, and Bryan, paved the way for a future in lacrosse. My family will always be grateful for the opportunities and experiences that Tim was given from Homegrown Lacrosse.

—Jennifer Towler Jedraszek, Boys Elite Parent

I have two sons, ages 19 and 17. Bryan Brazil and HGR have been instrumental and invaluable in guiding myself and both of my boys through every aspect of the recruiting process.
His efforts, experience, and knowledge of the game and the process helped my 19-year-old get recruited by four colleges.

And it was Bryan’s personal phone call to the coach that helped my 17-year-old get recruited by the college he’ll be playing for in Fall of 2016. Bryan is also very generous with his time. He has invited us to his office to:
•explain the recruiting process
•provide his opinion on what colleges would be a good fit for each boy
•instruct us on how to contact coaches and how often to do so
•give us insight on what coaches are looking for, how they think, how to present a highlight reel, etc., etc.

In our house, any time a college recruiting question comes up, it’s typically “Did you ask Bryan about that?” or “We should see what Bryan thinks about that” or “I’ll bet Bryan can explain that”.

If your son wants to play lacrosse in college, you cannot find a better resource, mentor, or sounding board than Bryan Brazil.

—Tom Page, Boys Elite Parent

Coach Bryan, Hale should have already personally thanked you for helping him get recruited to play lacrosse in college. This has been his dream for a long time. Hale began playing for HGR as a U-13. It has always been a well organized, well coached program. Clint and I also want to thank you, and HGR for making the difference in Hale’s recruiting results.

For starters, the 2016 team had a completely different/modern approach to game strategy, and utilized (D) players in ways that showcased Hale’s stick skills and ability. The highlight videos from HGR helped make him stand out to prospective coaches in a way his high school videos did not. (Speaking of highlight video, thanks for spending the time with Hale and helping him create his latest version). Your efforts, and conversations with prospective colleges and coaches about our son helped keep him on the radar. When we hit some speed bumps, you made phone calls and gave us reassurance.
Clint has done some statistical analysis of D1-3 and club) college commits from MA over the last 5 years. With powerhouse states like NY, NJ, MD and FL taking the lion’s share of roster spots nationally, players from our area need the platform of HGR to have their best chance. This is especially true of players from MA public high schools, as the majority of MA boys lacrosse who are successfully recruited come from prep schools. (Duxbury and Lincoln Sudbury aside). That didn’t apply to Hale, but his prep school was no lacrosse powerhouse, and their focus was strictly on the academic aspects.
Consider this note an endorsement of HGR, as well as a heartfelt “Thank you”. Hale couldn’t have done it without you!

—Susan Condon, Boys Elite Parent

We want to thank HGR and your staff for being so constructive and encouraging to all of these boys. It is wonderful to see at the Club Level. We have seen it all – Club basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, even horse-back riding – and your program is spectacular, especially with your fairness to the boys.

We can’t tell you how many times we have seen other coaches favor the superstars, and placate, or even ignore the rest.

Your staff goes above and beyond to make these boys feel included and worthy. That is incredibly important at this Middle School Age.

I can’t say enough great things.

In particular, Brian Contona took a special interest in our son to encourage him and cheer him on. Brian even told me he talked to his fiance about him. How sweet and caring is that? You don’t see that every day, if at all. What a great, special guy. I can’t thank him enough. He is the real deal. He is a phenomenal coach in the true sense of the word.

We were late one night picking up our son, and Brian hung out with him until his Dad arrived. They had an interesting chat, and I am sure he was being peppered with questions. :) Our son got into the car beaming. Again, what a great guy and a great coach.

And, of course, he loved working with Peter. When he went to the lessons, he would always ask, “Is this with Peter?!” and then say, “Oh, good!”

This is a hard age. Middle School is tough. Everyone is growing at different rates, both physically and emotionally. Half the kids have hit their growth spurt and half haven’t. If you’re on the younger side, it affects your confidence. How can it not? These kids need someone (besides their parents) to keep encouraging them to stick with it. All of your staff does just that. They need to get through the next year or two without giving up. Your programs are exactly what they need. I love that you can see the potential in all of these kids.

We just wanted you to know that our son had a great experience, and that we all really appreciate it.

Thanks for all that you do,

—Very Impressed Parents (who wish to remain anonymous so as not to embarrass our son.)

My name is John Willis, my son Bret plays for the Wakefield U-15 team that plays on Sunday’s at 11:00. He is the undersized long pole. I wanted to compliment you and your staff on how you run the games. It is very comforting knowing that a knowledgeable adult is there to supervise these games.

As you know there are some pretty significant age and size differences and I think because you supervise it so closely that the bigger kids play lacrosse not football. It would be very easy for them to take the smaller players out of the game by letting them be physically dominate but you make sure the majority of checks are on the gloves or stick and the checks are with reasonable force and from the front. You do a great job of making sure the kids don’t get run into the netting.

In addition, it’s wonderful to see you giving instruction, explanations, encouragement and constructive criticism to the kids. I have already and will continue to recommend Home Grown to the parents and kids in Wakefield, I only wish you were a little closer to us.

Keep up the great work,

—John Willis

Now that the Spring season is complete I want to thank you again for all you have done for Peter as well as the Algonquin varsity team. Gonk Lax had the best season in its history finishing at 19-3 but losing out to St. Johns (Shrewsbury) by 8-6 in the Central Massachusetts championship game. HGR had a major impact on the team this year. I want to thank you and your staff at Home Grown for improving these young men with excellent coaching throughout the past year. All four Gonk members on your 2009 summer team will play in college.
Brendan Sullivan has an excellent year at midfield , took some face-offs in critical situation, and scored 22 goals. Brian Murphy was hurt for the first half of the season but came back to score 20 goals and provide offense at critical times. Jeff Serapiglia led Central MA in goal tending, had an incredible year with a save percentage of .690, and was a league all-star.

Peter was co-captain of the team and led the defense playing close D. He shut out the Longmeadow All American and battled three times with Colin O’Rourke the All American from St. Johns to an overall draw. Peter often brought the ball up to initiate the offense but despite his best efforts he did not score a goal (hit the post in one game). Peter was selected a league all-star as well as Academic All-American.
Peter is a good athlete with a drive not found in many players but without your coaching I am not certain he would have achieved as much this season. I appreciate you providing him the skills to play at the next level with Tufts!!!

— David A. Ellis

My son Casey has had the privilege of playing and learning lacrosse under the teaching and development of coach Bryan Brazill. During his freshman sophomore and junior years, Casey took advantage of the many wonderful programs offered by Home Grown lacrosse to take his game to a level. His junior year he participated in the Home Grown Academy that culminated in several college offers to play lacrosse. Bryan and his staff spent untold hours refining the skills and mental toughness necessary for a serious lacrosse player to take his or her game to another level. I would encourage any parent or player to take advantage of the experienced staff at Home Grown Lacrosse.

—David Sweeney

Just wanted to share this from last summer- after 6 hours in the hot sun at Homegrown camp, my 10 year old, Sean, on his own, was out in the backyard shooting. I can think of no finer compliment, than you and your staff, helped light a fire inside him. Part of it was age maturity, sure, but, the enthusiasm for the game, is what is going to make him excel. Thank you for all you and your staff do to grow the game, and for putting the FUN in fundamentals.

—Chris Fagen

I just wanted to thank you for everything over the past two years. Playing for your program taught me so much about the sport and really excelled my ability on the field. This program helped me get so many looks from college coaches that I wouldn’t have received from if I played for another team. You taught me how to play the game the right way. Playing for HGR was the best thing I ever did for my lacrosse career. I will highly recommend your program to serious lacrosse players seeking to play at the next level. Thank you for everything! See you around and good luck this year with Merrimack.

—Jay Calcagno (High School Boys player)

—2026 Elite team Player

Hear from our players and parents as they share their accolades for HGR’s Girls Elite Program:

We are so happy she is a part of HGR. My husband and I are very happy with your program; your communication, culture, coaching, and experience are all so imperative. She loves the sport and her team. The skills the coaches are teaching them and culture we are so grateful for. 2 coaches that are great female role models that create respect and comradery with the group.

—2032 Girls Elite Parent

This was our first go with club sports and we thought it would be too much for her. She loved it! The coaches were patient and firm, kind and encouraging, and excellent role models. They placed an emphasis on game fundamentals, techniques, appreciation, and love for the game. It was a very positive experience.

—2033 Girls Elite Parent

The skills you have been teaching them and seeing it transform on the field is truly awesome to see. You are instilling such passion and love for the game and it shows in our daughter.

—2031 Girls Elite Parent

My daughter loves the coaches and how they run their practices. She loves the skills and drills and she’s developing as a player by being a part of HGR! I also love the practice and game schedules that are very manageable and the fact that HGR allows for seasonal play. It’s super helpful for us to play in summer and fall when we are available and not have to commit all year. Other clubs mandate full year in order to play which is not always realistic for families. We love HGR!

—2025 Girls Elite Parent

We have been an HGR Girls Lax family for over 5 years. The girls coaching team is what has kept us coming back. Their emphasis on game fundamentals and the value of teamwork has been consistent throughout the years. We have seen our daughter grow confident in her position and has built great relationships with her teammates.

— Girls Elite Parent

My daughter plays lacrosse for HGR and absolutely loves the program. The coaches are supportive and encouraging, genuine, and knowledgeable. I have been very happy with the level of instruction my daughter has received. The coaches strive for the players’ success and work diligently to teach them proper technique. HGR staff is responsive to parent inquiries and very accomodating. I could not be more pleased with HGR and thankful to have been able to be a part of the program.

—2025 Girls Elite Parent

HGR is a great organization on both the boys and girls sides. Great coaches with knowledge of what it takes to get to the next level. They were a big part in both my kids being recruited to play in college. Couldn’t be happier with HGR for our club lacrosse.

—Kevin Dunham, Boys and Girls Elite Parent

I just wanted to say how grateful and appreciative I am of your support this year for the academy team. Without your financial help I would not have been able to participate in one of the most fun experiences of my life. I love lacrosse just as much as you guys do and words cannot express how thankful I am! I loved all my teammates and learned invaluable skills and techniques that have definitely made me a better player. Let me know if you need any help I need volunteer hours for my school and I would love to help out with assistant work you need! I would be happy to lend a hand this spring or even over the summer just let me know!! Best of luck next year!
Thanks again

—Paige MacKinnon, Girls Elite Player

My daughter (Mya) is thrilled to play at HGR and I am a happy parent. The coaches are great, professional, have coached college teams and, most importantly, they really do care about the kids and what’s best for them. Facilities in Andover and at Austin Prep are both nice.

–Candace Cheatham


I can honestly say you are the best coach I have had the privilege to play for. You have taught me that perseverance and dedication can take you anywhere in life. You have taught me to be confident and creative in the game…. and you have helped me so much to grow as a player and helped me gain confidence in myself, and trust my skills. You are the reason my dream of (going to) Pace has come true. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

— Shelby (HGR 2017 Blue)

Clinics Program Testimonials

The coaching is great. The coaches are right out of college or still playing at the college level or higher and I think this makes the kids relate to them so much easier. There was always fantastic communication from the administration and the coaches I feel like they really cared about my son’s development as a lacrosse player.

— Anonymous High School Parent

Home Grown Lacrosse clinics are superb! Our daughter has received excellent coaching and training which has dramatically improved her level of play. The group clinics address lacrosse techniques on individual as well as team related dynamics, drawing out the best skill in each player. The private clinics are perfect for one-on-one diagnosis and skill building. Further, the coaches lead by example. The commitment they demonstrate to their players and programs inspire athletes on and off the lax field. Home Grown Lacrosse has created an excellent environment for all ages and skill levels.

—Pam and Brendan Burke, Parents