HGR didn’t get to be the amazing youth athletics organization it is today without understanding what makes a great coach. All of our coaches are experienced and have enjoyed a successful lacrosse career, dating back to their own days in youth lacrosse. They are excellent communicators who know how to nurture their players’ development, always encouraging and motivating them. They recognize their players’ strengths and weaknesses, and bring out their best. Our coaches never overlook character building as part improving their lacrosse skills and life skills.

Take  a look at the coaches our elite players will be playing with this summer. We have former and current professional lacrosse players, as well as award-earning NCAA champs. Some of our coaches even also coach these NCAA Championship teams. We have coaches who have been honored with Coach of the Year recognition. Some of our coaches are directors of lacrosse programs in high schools and several are also first and second team All-American lacrosse players.
Find out who will be coaching your 2018 Elite Teams, and read all about why we have the BEST coaching staff at our Coach Bio pages:

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   2016 Youth campers and Coach Daly