Promoting Diversity in our game — Part 1

US Lacrosse , the governing body of lacrosse in the USA, is always developing ways to expand our sport, and to bring out the best in our youth, ensuring a robust future for lacrosse. Since 2017 they have been cultivating and overseeing a pilot program, called Lacrosse Communities Project, to expand the sport in urban communities. They explain:

[su_quote url=””]An initiative that ran from 2016-2018, the goal of the Lacrosse Communities Project (LCP) was to provide US Lacrosse support for growing lacrosse in racially, ethnically and economically diverse neighborhoods in cities across the country. By choosing strategic partners and locations in three pilot areas, they became the place where “the rock hits the pond,” from which the sport rippled out as players and families worked with lacrosse providers in their community to share their love of the game.[/su_quote]

The pilot programs were set up in Albany, Brooklyn and Cleveland, and have been extremely successful. US Lacrosse is working on expanding this program to other urban centers.

Closer to home, Boston is one of the cities in the Harlem Lacrosse Program, along with New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Look for a future post summing up this great diversity-promoting initiative.

Watch these videos for more on the Lacrosse Communities Project:

Albany, NY:

Cleveland, OH