Harlem Lacrosse – Expanding Horizons

If you followed HGR Lacrosse League Session 1 this fall, you already know that Boston’s Harlem Lacrosse team earned the U15 championship. Several players have earned All-Star status as well. Way to go, Harlem!

2019 U15 League Champions

What is Harlem Lacrosse all about? This is a holistic program started in Harlem, NY in 2011, with the goal of inspiring at-risk middle schoolers to motivate themselves for success both on the field and in the classroom. The program has now expanded to Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Boston, serving over 1300 students. Here’s harlemlacrosse.org‘s description of their mission:

Harlem Lacrosse is a school-based non-profit organization that changes the life trajectories of at-risk youth through daily wrap-around academic support, mentoring, leadership training, college readiness career exploration, admissions counseling and lacrosse instruction.

Our programming empowers students to set high expectations for themselves, achieve their goals and break the cycle of poverty by providing daily study halls, mentoring, push-in academic support, experiential and service-learning and vigorous, character building lacrosse instruction.

Harlem Lacrosse also serves kids requiring special ed services, providing them, and all of the students in the program, an opportunity to develop confidence, grit and perseverance.

Read all about this amazing organization–how they are helping to diversify and expand our sport, how they are impacting these students’ school performance, and the services they employ to help students reach their full potential.

Hats off to Boston’s Harlem Lacrosse U15 Champs!