Summer 2021 Boys Elite Tryouts

March 13, 2021
See tryout schedule below
Cost: $50

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400 Osgood St., North Andover, MA 01845

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Tryout Schedule


March 13th, 2020

Tryout TimeYear of Graduation
8:00 - 9:00 am2030
9 -10 am2028 and 2029
10 - 11 am 2027
11 am - 12 pm2025 and 2026
12 - 1 pm2024
1 - 2 pm2022/2023


All payment plans require a $500 deposit.

Tournaments now included!

   Youth   High School 
Summer   $150/mo for 6 months      $259/mo for 6 months  
Season’s Pass      $224/mo for 6 months    $332/mo for 6 months 
Annual Pass      $298/mo for 11 months    $387/mo for 11 months 

What You Get


Youth and High School

  • Top-level coaching – Not only is our coaching staff comprised of some of the best and most accomplished coaches in New England (check out the “Meet our Coaches” box below), but we go well above the industry standard in their commitment to you. Each team has 2 coaches assigned and dedicated to attending every practice and game all season long.
  • 12 practices
  • 3 Tournaments – Check the tournaments drop-down box for a schedule
  • Uniform – Game Jersey, Practice Pinnie, Shorts, Shooting Shirt
  • Weekday open field (shoot around time): Players will be able to come in and shoot buckets of balls, condition, work on what they were taught in their small group lessons or just have a pass with their buddies on the team.
  • Specialty position coaching – Goalies and FOGO’s will have access to weekly position-specific clinics, coached by Joe Nardella of Team USA, PLL Whipsnakes, and Tom Lavery of Bentley University.
  • Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Discount: Mike Boyle is the premier name in strength and conditioning throughout the country and he happens to have two facilities in North Andover and Woburn. All HGR players receive a 15% discount on any Boyle program they participate in.
  • 20% off all String King products for all players in our program

High School Only

  • HGR / STX Custom Rival Helmet – the same one worn by programs like North Carolina, John’s Hopkins, U-Penn and Duke.
  • Recruiting
      • Personal, individualized, recruiting guidance from Peter Smyth and/or Bryan Brazill.
      • From your first sit-down or FaceTime meeting to the signing of your NLI in the fall of your senior year, we will walk you and your parents through every step of the recruiting process.
      • We will provide you with a personalized plan and path specific to your unique game and recruiting situation.
      • In-person, phone and email correspondence whenever questions pop up.
      • Highlight tape analysis and editing suggestions
    • A Sports Recruits account
      • Sports Recruits is a powerful recruiting tool that costs $250 – $1,000 for an annual membership. You get your membership covered by us as a part of your tuition.
      • Click here to see all that SR can do
    • Professional filming at 2 tournaments. HGR will hire professional film companies like First Scout and Next Level Video to film all of our teams and all of their games at 2 of the 3 tournaments we will be attending. That film will be given to the players and families to use as they please but will greatly aid in the creation of player highlight tapes for recruiting purposes.

Season's Pass

Your Season’s Pass includes:

  • Summer tuition, summer tournament dues & everything included in summer package +
  • 1, 8-week HGR league pass click here to find out more about our leagues
  • 1, 5-week HGR clinic pass click here to find out more about our clinics
  • Custom HGR / STX RZR team gloves

Annual Pass

Your annual pass is a year’s worth of HGR Lacrosse services.

It includes:

  • Summer tuition, summer tournament dues & everything included in summer package, plus:
  • Your fall tuition
  • Fall tournament dues
  • Injury protection package – If you suffer a serious injury that prevents you from participating in sports you will receive a pro-rated refund for any events you miss throughout the year. 
  • 1, 8-week HGR league pass click here to find out more about our leagues
  • 2, 5-week HGR clinic passes click here to find out more about our clinics
  • 1, Film, Footwork & Fundamentals pass
    • You can choose between one of the below 3
      • 8 weeks of Friday night flicks – HGR coaches will break down film of HGR, PLL, MLL and NCAA games
      • 8 weeks of stick skills – High rep, fun, intense stick skill work. Take your stick skills to the next level and have fun doing it.
      • 8 weeks of conditioning and agility training – ladders, dot drills, jump rope, 5-10-5’s, conditioning and lacrosse specific footwork.
    • Custom HGR / STX team duffle bag
    • Custom HGR / STX RZR team gloves
    • Custom HGR / Under Armour, “Armour Plated” hoodie with last name and number
      • Product and design not available anywhere but with the Annual Pass package
    • Custom HGR / Under Armour, “Armour Plated” shorts with number.
      • Product and design not available anywhere but with the Annual Pass package


2021 Tournament Schedule (subject to change)

High School Blue

June 26th – 27th  FLG Big X Classic  Greenvale, Long Island, NY

July 7th – 8th  Trilogy 24 Conshohocken, PA

July 17th – 19th  NLF National Championship Amherst, MA

High School Green

June 26th – 27th  NXT Meltdown Conshohocken, Downingtown, Aston PA

July 10th – 11th  NH Invitational Plymouth, NH

July 17th – 18th Ocean State Showdown Providence, RI

2021 Youth Tournament Schedule (subject to change)

Youth Blue

July 10th – 11th NXT Cup Conshohocken, PA

July 17th – 18th Green Mountain Games  Stowe, VT

July 24th and 25th Lake George National Invitational Ft. Ann, NY RESERVE ACCOMMODATIONS NOW!

Youth Green

July 10th – 11th  NH Invitational Plymouth, NH

July 17th – 18th Green Mountain Games  Stowe, VT

July 24th – 25th Lake George National Invitational Ft. Ann, NY  RESERVE ACCOMMODATIONS NOW!

2021 Summer Tournament Lodging


PrimeTime Lake George National Invitational tournament, July 24th and 25th, Lake George NY

Lake George Invitational Rooms are held only until January 31!


Lodging information will be confirmed soon for the following High School Summer tournaments:

NXT Meltdown (PA) June 26th and 27th 

Big X Long Island June 26th and 27th

FLG in 3d July 9th – 11th

NH Invitational (NH) July 10th and 11th 

Ocean State Showdown (RI) July 17th and 18th 

NLF (MA) tbd

Lodging information will be confirmed soon for the following Youth Summer tournaments:

NXT Cup (PA) July 10th and 11th

NH Invitational (NH) July 10th and 11th 

Green Mountain Games (VT) July 17th and 18th 

Why HGR?

  • 15 years of experience running championship elite teams and building networks and relationships with college lacrosse programs across the country.
  • High-level coaching focused on increasing players’ lacrosse IQ and skill sets.
  • A fun and competitive learning environment.
  • A club that gets the whole picture from development to recruitment.

Meet Our Coaches

  • Bryan Brazill – HGR Founder – Andover High School Head Coach – 2X National Champion Coach
  • Peter Smyth – HGR President – Austin Preparatory School Head Coach 
  • Grant Whiteway – Raptors Lacrosse Founder – Billerica High School D Coordinator
  • Scott Corcoran – Current MLL Champion – Boston Cannon – Austin Prep D Coordinator
  • Tom Dalicandro – Concord Carlisle Head Coach
  • John Pynchon – Saint John’s Prep Head Coach
  • Anthony Nardella – Saint Anselm’s College Defensive Coordinator
  • Ryan Nickerson – Billerica High School Head Coach
  • Dave Walsh – Lexington High School Head Coach
  • Ken Blaszka – Timberlane High School Head Coach
  • Chuck Compobasso – North Reading High School Head Coach
  • Joe Nardella – Team USA, PLL Whipsnake, Face-Off Factory Founder
  • Tom Lavery – Bentley University Goalie Coach

And many more

Lock-In for Life

All players who make one of our summer teams will be guaranteed a spot in our program for as long as they want one. Our commitment to you is that as long as you participate, season to season, we guarantee you a roster spot. If all of our players wish to return every season, we won’t try out any new kids. At the end of each season, we will ask you if you are planning on returning for the following season. If you are, you will be required to put down a deposit and on to the next season we roll! If any participants choose not to return, we will try out new players for those positions. No need to commit in advance to us for full-year or multi-year commitments, it is our job to ensure you are enjoying your experience and earn your business back year after year.  

Watch our founder, Bryan Brazill, speak about the HGR Elite Program’s core values.