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Beating the Summer Heat!
HGR Lacrosse Champ Camp Kids Know How to Cool Off!

Brain Fart?
It’s hard to hear under all this plastic and padding! You’d think Braveheart sounded an awful lot like brain fart too!

Braveheart Not Brain Fart
Part of the HGR Summer Youth Lacrosse Camp fun is the one-on-one challenge of a Braveheart match.

When games end in a tie at a tournament or camp we usually play Braveheart instead of overtime. It’s quick, easy and fun. It’s a one-on-one that starts with a face off and goalies in each cage.

2014 Summer Youth Lacrosse campers

Previous Summer Youth Lacrosse campers assemble for some instruction — and major props — from their coaches.


Sticks in the Middle

Campers pick teams using the pile of “sticks in the middle”