We do love this game!

HGR Girls Summer Elite team spells out ‘HGR’

A player’s love for the sport of lacrosse can be demonstrated in many ways. It can come after a tough loss, when your coaches’ words of encouragement are believed–you believe that there’s always next time, you nod at their advice to hang in there, and you acknowledge that you guys played great, or did your best, or didn’t…this time. HGR’s Coach Brazill illustrated lax-love by leaving another sport for good because lacrosse grabbed him forever. It is expressed when you know your only path to a happy career life is to have lacrosse at its focus. It is demonstrated when you recruit a friend to attend tryouts, or to come watch the games. Love for the sport is also shown when the top things on your Christmas list are lax-related.

Love for the sport is also demonstrated when you have loved the game so much that you write a letter to the sport itself. Eliza Bowman is a recent graduate of Greenwich Academy in Connecticut. Sadly, her final season of lacrosse was cancelled in the early days of our pandemic. She remains, though, grateful for every aspect of her time playing high school lacrosse, to the extent that she has had a letter, directed to High School Lacrosse, published in Inside Lacrosse magazine.

[su_quote cite=”Eliza Bowman” url=”https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/bowman-dear-high-school-lacrosse-/56511″]I smile to myself as I write this letter, because I am taken back to those moments when I close my eyes. I am grateful for the laughs that brought tears to my eyes and the inside jokes I will never forget. I am grateful for both our victories and toughest losses. I am grateful to have learned how far you can go when you travel together, when you believe in something so strongly that other people start to see it too. I am grateful for this team to have gotten some of the recognition we deserve, and for all the support we have received.[/su_quote]

Read the whole letter, and catch up on other lacrosse events, at Insidelacrosse.com.