At HGR, we always have an eye to the future of your lacrosse career. We know that colleges keep an eye out for star performers at an early age, but due to unhealthy pressure on young athletes, Division 1 recruiters are no longer allowed to contact students until their Junior year of High School. Our youth program, which starts kids off as pre-teens, focuses on fun, skills, rules, and sportsmanship, providing them with a strong foundation for when college lacrosse hits their radar, without subjecting them to unnecessary anxiety. Eventually, our players will enter an active recruitment prep stage. They and their parents may start thinking about specific colleges, and active preparation begins. HGR is here for every stage of the process, from parent meetings, advice from extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff, to creating professional quality highlight videos. Our players also have access to a full recruitment guide, which addresses topics ranging from the importance of grades to the likelihood of athletic scholarships. If you need more information on how we support all of our players through the college recruitment process, visit our contact page

Tim Towler NE10 2017 Player of the Year

Merrimack’s Tim Towler, NE10 2017 Player of the Year, got his start at HGR in 2010.