Best and Worst Lists

Because Sometimes You Just Need a Good Groan

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Tired of the news? Signed up for all the upcoming HGR sessions? Need a walk on the light side? Here ya go. Q: Why did the lacrosse player’s clothes always look so wrinkled? A: Too many crease violations. Q: What do you call a person who walks back and forth screaming one minute, then sits down [...]

Best Check vs Worst Check

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Best Check: Lift Check I think the best check in lacrosse is the lift check. The lift check is where you get the head of your stick under the other player's glove and simply lift up. It is very simple but can be extremely effective. Lacrosse players can be rendered virtually useless with the inability to [...]

Lacrosse Links You Should Bookmark

By |2017-02-11T15:36:47-04:00August 23rd, 2012|Categories: Best/Worst|  Info about lacrosse from High School to Pro Recruiting. Guides, scores/stats/records, search for camps near you.  Ranks teams across the country at every level and has open forums for discussion involving any information about lacrosse from recruiting to stick stringing.   Gives info about high school lacrosse in the Boston area. [...]

Best Dodge vs. Worst Dodge

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The best dodge is a split dodge or a crossover, which is when you’re carrying in with the right hand and then cross over to your left hand (or vice versa). The worst dodge is a swim dodge or a swim move.There are lots of ways to do the split dodge, but the key to any [...]