Amazing idea!

“Lacrosse is for everyone.” This is the mantra of the founder of Parkville [Maryland] Adaptive Lacrosse, Marty Delaney. US Lacrosse, the National Governing Body of Lacrosse, explains, “Adaptive lacrosse is a fully inclusive, modified version of the sport designed to fit the needs of athletes with physical or intellectual impairments. The game offers the opportunity for a wide spectrum of players to fall in love with it.” Among the innovations available now is the automated lacrosse stick for the wheelchair-bound, as well as a soft stick, special pads and guards, and softer, bigger balls. Read more of US Lacrosse Magazine’s post on the movement at

Lacrosse for the blind?

Indoor field and helmetNow Marty Delaney is developing a program that will be adapted to the needs of the blind. He and his team, along with the Maryland School for the Blind, are working on ways to make lacrosse possible for blind players, developing rules and strategies to make the game as close to the existing game as possible. Among their most important tasks is the development of a special ball, modified with a sounding device, or possibly a larger ball filled with ball-bearings. They will also have to simplify the players’ movements on the field and examine the need for alternative protective gear. But the ultimate goal is to provide activity, competition, and fun, by making lacrosse accessible to more kids, even those who don’t have the advantage of sight.