New leagues, new clubs, new teams, new events!

Our sport continues to grow, proving (as if we need proof!) that lacrosse, America’s oldest sport, has a bright and exciting future.

  • There is a new professional lacrosse league, the Premier Lacrosse League, whose inaugural season was just last year. The number of teams has already grown from 6 to 7, and you can count on this league expanding hugely in the future. For more information, visit
  • Youth:  there are now 14 states, Massachusetts among them, with at least 10,000 participants at the youth level. US Lacrosse reports that there are over 275,000 boys and more than 165,000 girls playing youth lacrosse on organized teams.
  • High School lacrosse continues to grow. As of 2018, almost 350,000 high-schoolers across the country played on a lacrosse team.
  • New adaptive lacrosse programs are popping up in several states, giving those with intellectual or physical impairments a chance to get in on the action.
  • College Lacrosse is expanding yearly, with new teams being added in all divisions. The 2018 report of college lax players is over 40,000.
  • Post-College lacrosse, including teams like HGR’s Men’s League, checks in at 12,000 players.

Little lax players with VP Rob Bellis

At last count, there were around 850,000 players of our exciting sport. Programs encourage even the littlest ones to catch lacrosse fever, and the stronger our base of young players is, the more long-term growth we can hope for. A slot in the Olympics is still being predicted, and we won’t be at all surprised to see HGR alumni there!

To read US Lacrosse’s latest (2018) participation survey, visit