New lax movie

There’s a new, independent film beginning its circulation, and it sounds like it will be a hit. The Grizzlies, which recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, tells the true story of Inuit youths’ introduction to lacrosse, and how embracing the game and becoming a team transformed the kids and their community. Currently the film is showing in some small Canadian theaters, and is popping up in film festivals, but not scheduled to be released in the States at this time. The good news for us is that the movie is slated for release on iTunes and can be pre-ordered now at The reviews are very promising, with an IMDB rating of 8.8/10, and is already receiving positive reviews from critics at Rotten Tomatoes

You can watch an awesome clip of the movie on IMDB, and the official trailer below.

Can’t wait for a lax-centered movie? If you have Netflix, check out Keepers of the Game, a documentary  released in 2016 about a Native American girls lacrosse team. You can read a New York Times review at