There was a story in the Boston Globe earlier this month about a local college lacrosse goalie who can’t find a helmet big enough to fit his large sized head. This issue is actually keeping him from playing.

When Alex Chu was in high school he was an all-star But now he’s a freshman at Wheaton College and riding the bench because they can’t find a big enough helmet. And without an NCAA-approved helmet, he’s been banned.

Alex needs one of the two major manufacturers of lacrosse helmets (Cascade-Maverik and Warrior) to agree to make a custom helmet for him. And that would be mighty costly.

When he was in high school, Alex wore a rigged-up helmet that a local fabricator made by combining the front and back portions of two different helmets. But the fabricator is no longer in business and that old helmet is all beat up and broken. And, even if it were in better shape, that helmet wouldn’t meet NCAA regs.

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