We at HGR are so pleased to welcome Amesbury High JV Lacrosse!

Starting this Spring, the school will be adding a JV lacrosse team, in anticipation of adding varsity lacrosse in just a few years.

Amesbury already has a successful youth program, but their players at the high school level have had to play on teams other towns, such as Triton and Newburyport, where they joined other solid lacrosse championship players. They anticipate that having the school’s own JV team will lead to the development of strong Lacrosse players for their future varsity program. “We want to establish ourselves,” said Chris Heline, Director of Amesbury Youth Lacrosse. “We need a broader awareness and understanding across the high school level. We have athletes at the youth level who have been apprehensive to start because it wasn’t available in high school. We haven’t had any coaching representation, so getting that base set will be big.”

If you know an MIAA certified lacrosse coach interesting in taking the reins of Amesbury’s new High School lacrosse program, have them visit https://www.schoolspring.com/job.cfm?jid=2882862.

Visit  Newburyport News for the full story.

Congratulations Indians!

Amesbury High School