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Our YouTube channel brings it all!

  • Instruction for coaches in the form of our popular Coach’s Vault videos. “Each video starts off with a whiteboard talk that includes the set up of the drill, points of emphasis and how to run the drill. We then take you out onto the field for a live demonstration of the drill.”
  • Humor: Just watch the hilarious (and dare I say slightly vindictive) Trick Shot Thursday and punishment Wednesday videos. “Trick Shot Thursday [is] where we do a trick shot competition and the loser has the punishment of the winner’s choice!” And don’t miss the Brain Fart video!
  • Instruction for players: demonstrations such as THIS ONE
  • Exciting competition with 20-something live-action videos from our Elite teams and players.

And all-around entertainment! You’ll find our videos helpful and inspiring, and a great way to stay amped up for your next HGR experience!

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