Have you heard of Quick Stick Harry?

Harry is the young protagonist, a lacrosse player, in 2 new children’s books by John R . Sardella.

Quick Stick Harry and the Ball  Hog  and  Quick Stick Harry and the Legend of Lax Bro Johnny tell stories of Harry and his friends playing lacrosse to win, and  learning life lessons along the way.  A third book in the Quick Stick Harry series will bring female players into the story. Quick Sticky Harry Meets Groundball Gabbie, is coming soon.

One more illustrated children’s lacrosse book, also by Sardella, is called L is for Lacrosse. This in an ABC book, containing things like A is for Attack, B is for Ball, C is for Cradle…you get the picture.

Between games and practices, young HGR lacrosse players are still thinking of their last practice, their next game, and being lacrosse champions. It’s a great idea to have a  few books on the subject to read over and over.

John Sardella’s books are available through johnsardella.com .