Roland Dudney is a superstar.

He is a superstar among superstars, and a huge part of what makes HGR so outstanding.

Roland Dudney is the head of HGR’s extremely popular soccer program. He has creds up to here.

Our latest “What Do We Know” podcast release features Bryan Brazill and Matt Karweck interviewing Coach Dudney, and it’s a winner. Check it out to hear about his unique approach to successful instruction, which involves players themselves problem solving on the field, as well as other insights on developing the skills of young soccer players. He explains how experiencing an action, rather than merely listening to an explanation or watching a demo, leads to knowledge and lasting understanding. You’ll also hear about developing both passion and technical ability. Coach Dudney’s soccer coaching techniques can, and should, be applied to all youth sports.

Check out this engaging 30 minute interview. while you’re there, download any of 5 episodes of What Do We Know?, and check back for future enlightening and entertaining interviews.