Pro Lacrosse Starts Next Week

With the merging of Major League Lacrosse and the Premier Lacrosse League, announced last December, and the unique restructuring of  PLL teams’ touring schedule, pro lacrosse is on its way to skyrocketing popularity. PLL games will be streamed live on NBC’s Peacock network, and there will be recorded games to watch as well.

If professional lacrosse isn’t part of your life, make it be! Support the growth and recognition of our game…who knows, Olympic Lacrosse may be nearer than you think!

Bucket List Item 1: Catch some games on Peacock.

The 2021 PLL season begins the weekend of June 4th-6th, with its first matchups, including their 2021 expansion team, The Cannons, at Gillette Stadium. All 8 teams on the PLL will be playing right there in Foxboro over those three days in June.  Here’s the full Schedule:

Bucket List Item 2: Watch the pros in person! Get your tickets from Ticketmaster HERE.

Bucket List Item 3: Get on the path to becoming a professional lacrosse player!

You won’t find a better foundation for advancing in the sport of lacrosse than being a part of HGR Lacrosse. Take advantage of our Elite Teams for both boys and girls, summer and fall, and join the fun in HGRs fall and winter indoor leagues. Finally, sign up for any of our amazing camps and year-round clinics, which promise the best instruction and practice to get you on the path to a long future in lacrosse.

Good luck!