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After attending a recent Welcome to the Program night, James Ricciuti, who runs the Massachusetts Youth Lacrosse for the Northeast region, was so impressed, he reached out to Coach Brazill to let him know what he thought.

We were so impressed with James’ comments, we wanted to share them with you.

“In my experience you are the only club doing anything like this and the only club that has such a positive culture. Honestly, I have become disillusioned with club sports but your talking points and demeanor renewed my faith and enthusiasm.  The honesty, sincerity, and forthright manner in which you spoke is rare in the club world. HGR has a business model that should be promoted and spread in this day and age of commercialized and big business club lacrosse. Great work.  HGR is unique and very special.”

-James Ricciuti, Mass Youth Lacrosse NE Director

Bryan Brazill, Founder, President, and Coach, added, “HGR’s culture is one of the things I’m most proud of having created over the last 17 years. It says who we are and why we’re that way. It also flies in the face of today’s general culture.”

You can read about HGR’s Culture here. We think it says it all.