White shirt blue shorts John Oteri | White shorts blue shirt Harry Cwik | Khakis and blue shirt Jay Calcagno

White shirt blue shorts John Oteri | White shorts blue shirt Harry Cwik | Khakis and blue shirt Jay Calcagno


[su_column size=”1/3″]John Oteri
Andover High School
MVC Player of the year
All conference 1st team
Boston Lax All American watch list
Continuing his career at Pace University
[su_column size=”1/3″]Harry Cwik
Masconomet High School

CAL player of the year
All conference 1st team
Continuing his career at Clarkson College
[/su_column]Jay Calcagno
Danvers High School

All conference 1st team
Boston Lax All American watch list
Continuing his career at St. Leo’s College


Coach Brazill had the pleasure of sitting down with three of his current seniors that are heading off to play college ball in the fall.  John Oteri, Jay Calcagno and Harry Cwik all played on the same midfield line for our 2014 blue team for the past 4 seasons.  All three had standout seasons and between the three of them there were 2 conference players of the year, two All-American nominations, three 1st team all conference awards and a lot of great HGR memories. 

Following their interview he sat down with Jayden Jean one of HGR’s 2016 blue team players.  Jayden received the CAC (same conference as Jay Calcagno) player of the year award ruining what would have been a perfect sweep of linemates winning MVP’s of their conferences.  Jay was all smiles though and had nothing but great things to say about young Jayden’s game. 

Two other notables this season that we couldn’t jam into this article are Sam Ventresca of the MLC and Jeff Trainor of the MVC.  Sam became the first Woburn player to ever win MLC player of the year (making 4 conference POYs for HGR) and is headed to Merrimack College in the fall.  Jeff was named an All-American this year as a sophomore and has verbally committed to U-Mass. 

[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]How long have you three been playing together?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column] 2 years.

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jay[/su_column]Well four seasons, 2 summers and 2 falls.


[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column]Did you three follow each other’s successes this year?

[su_column size=”1/6″]John [/su_column]Yea, I was pumped when I saw that they both got players of the year for their conference.

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jay [/su_column]I kept an eye on both of their teams wins losses on laxpower(.com) and stayed in touch with both through text to see how they were personally doing

[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column]Nope (laughs)


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]Jay and John, you two will be in the same division next year, will Leos play Pace?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jay [/su_column]No our only trip up north next season we will be playing NYIT so unless we meet in the final four we won’t play each other.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]What are the plans to stay in touch?

[su_column size=”1/6″]John [/su_column]Well we are playing in a league together this summer


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]Where at?

[su_column size=”1/6″]John [/su_column] Greenhead lacrosse league.  Yea it should be a good time, we hope to play in a tournament in late July together as well. 

[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column]I figure stuff like that (tournaments and leagues) and then coming into Home Grown to shoot around or play in the winter pick up games together when we are home over break.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]You three have been playing together since your rising sophomore years. Harry what has John improved most at since his sophomore year?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column]Not getting so angry at himself when he misses the cage(everybody laughed pretty hard). His shot on the run too, he has a cannon.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]Jay what about Harry?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jay[/su_column]His athleticism has just taken off, he can run for days now and faster than anyone else out there. His vision was always great but now he can bring it with an outside shot too, which makes his defenders have to respect him more.  That gives him more opportunities to pass.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]John what about Jay

[su_column size=”1/6″]John [/su_column]His split and his lefty shot.  There is almost no difference between Jays righty and lefty jump shot, which makes him so hard to cover, he used to be all righty.  His split dodge is really deceptive now too especially since he has no preference in which way he shakes you.  You better pole him every game, you can’t cover him with a short stick.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]How was there enough ball to go around between you three on the same line?


[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column]There wasn’t.

[su_column size=”1/6″]John[/su_column]You better do something early because if you didn’t it wasn’t coming back to you.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]What was the best part about HGR for you?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jay [/su_column]The skill development clinics.  My game got so much better so fast during those lessons with you and Pete working on my mechanics.

[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column]The exposure at the tournaments we attended was great and the recruiting guidance to help turn that exposure into true interest from schools was unreal. 

[su_column size=”1/6″]John[/su_column]It was the fun, the tournaments and practices with your buddies and being surrounded by guys that love lacrosse as much as you do. 


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]What was the biggest contributing factor to your success this year

[su_column size=”1/6″]John[/su_column]You guys and my brother  (Tim Oteri, Merrimack College) and my whole family definitely made me the player I am today but underratedly the weight room.  It gives you a new level of confidence when you hit the field.

[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column]Playing in the off season keeps your skills sharp, you don’t have any cobwebs to shake off in the pre-season anymore, you are just getting better year round with no rebuilding period.

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jay[/su_column]Those lessons, they make you develop a strong fundamental base and well rounded game.  It leaves no holes that you have to hide on the field.  That’s how I developed my lefty shot on the run, you guys wouldn’t let me hide from it and made me rep it out over and over and it became a strength.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]What are your expectations for the next level?

[su_column size=”1/6″]John [/su_column]I have high expectations for myself but I’m just looking forward to getting on the field and experiencing college ball.

[su_column size=”1/6″]Harry [/su_column]I want to adapt properly to the change of speed of college ball.

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jay [/su_column]I’m looking forward to learning and digesting the new offensive system and would love to make the 1st or 2nd line midfield .

Shooting inside dressed to the nines as always Jayden Jean.  His hands are moving so fast they wouldn't stay in frame, I must have taken 25 pics, this was the best one.

Shooting inside dressed to the nines as always Jayden Jean. His hands are moving so fast they wouldn’t stay in frame.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]All right Jayden, I just sat down with three seniors that played together for the past four seasons and they would have all gotten conference player of the year had it not been for one standout sophomore.  You.  Sophomore player of the year in CAC, that is really impressive man.  How many points did you end up with?


[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]116


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]How many of those were goals?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]77


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]How did the season go for you guys?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]Good considering we were such a young team.  We only had 3 seniors and we made it to the 2nd rounds of states.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]I heard they moved you down to attack this year, you like it?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]Yeah, I did and I’ll do whatever my coach wants me to do but I still feel like I am a middie.  I am hoping to play mid again this summer.


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]I will talk to your coach and see what I can do (I’m his coach).


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]What is your go to move?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]Drag and Jab


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]Weapon of choice?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]STX surgeon with the A1 shaft


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]Favorite Player

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]Kyle Harrison


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]You worked on your shot on the run a lot last off-season.  What are you going to focus on this off-season?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]My left hand


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR [/su_column]How many lefty goals did you have this season?

[su_column size=”1/6″]Jayden [/su_column]1


[su_column size=”1/6″]HGR[/su_column]Yo, time to get busy then my friend. See you at training camp in two weeks.