Tim Towler Former Home Grown player Tim Towler is leading the Merrimack Warriors in goals.  We sat down with the sophomore midfielder and asked him a few questions.

HGR:  You’re off to a great start this season leading the team in goals, what do you attribute that to?
#22:  Working hard on and off the field – lifting, shooting, stretching, making sure my body and my skills are the best they can be.
HGR:  What’s the biggest difference between this year and last for you personally
#22:  I am a lot more comfortable with the speed of the game and my role as an offensive player for MC. I am also a lot more confident with my shot and skills during the game, having the mindset that I am the best player on the field all the time–even if I am not.
HGR:  You seem to be able to score on the run from 15 yards with your left and right hands equally effectively.  What hand do you prefer to shoot with?
#22: On the run, I don’t have a preferred hand.  I read my man and pick a side that I will most likely be able to get the best shot off.  If my feet are set then I prefer my right hand.
HGR:  For younger kids reading this, how did you develop your shot on the run?
#22:  I developed my shot from a lot of practice and hard work. Shooting on the run and shooting in general is a lot of muscle memory. With constant reps, it will come.   It just comes down to how bad you want to become a better lacrosse player and have too hands.
HGR:  Why is having a shot on the run so important and why is having two hands so important for midfielders?
#22:  At midfield almost 80% of the shots I take are on the run. Having a strong running shot makes a huge difference in being able to separate from your defenseman.  If you have to stop your feel to get off a quality shot then your d man can close space easily and make a play.  When you add both hands to your dodge, you double your scoring opportunities and become harder to scout and game plan for.  I think that’s my best aspect of my game–my defender never knows exactly what side I am going to attack.
HGR:  What kind of stick do you use and how do you have it strung?
#22:  I use a Nike CEO, with a Nike vapor shaft.  I use soft mesh with the pocket right in the middle of the stick, with one nylon shooter and one cloth shooter.  This makes my pocket large and it gives me just enough whip while still maintaining a quick release. 
HGR:  You are coaching for HGR this summer. It’s been two summers since you were last involved in the program as a player–what are you looking forward to most?
#22:  I think I am looking forward to seeing kids evolve like I did through HGR, and gain the skills to compete at a high level of lacrosse. When I went into HGR, I didn’t have a left hand and I struggled on the field. That first summer made a huge difference in my game, and the next year I became a high school All-American. I know for a fact that it was the coaching and the amount of lacrosse I played over that summer with HGR. I really do owe my lacrosse talent too the coaches of HGR and thank them for getting me to where I am know.